Art/psych rockers tinged with folk,tribal,goth,jazz to make a challenging brew of musical/theatrical/mime/visual madness that allows for absurd social comment and hellish edgy grooves 🙂

Charming, alarming and serving up improvisational chunks of beauty between slices of rich vocals, the ever evolving BABAL mix groove-based rock with strange, enigmatic lyrics and blistering rhythms, topped by stunning guitars.
Now signed to Kounterkulture MGMT and Media based in Seattle, and US label dGenerate Records, BABAL merge subversive musical layers; a collaboration of structure and incandescence.
Driven by soaring vocal dynamics, and twisting into vibrant guitar soundscapes, BABAL’s music is underpinned by a stronghold of bass and drums. BABAL morph from dark to light, shadow to shiny, leaving a trail of sparkling crescendos, bold rhythms and provoking lyrics. The band move easily between improvised, poetic fusion mixes to theatrical, political, hard-hitting pieces that express the satirical, eccentric core of the BABALONEONS themselves – each one a virtuoso; united they create an intricate web of passionate, vibrant music.

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