Black Volition

Take a trip through the Sleepy towns, Lonesome woods and Dark Cabaret of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks.. then transport yourself to the back streets and gloomy swamps of a Vampire ridden Louisiana in True Blood via a desert valley of Spaghetti Westerns. Combine these Worlds and you will reach the perfect soundtrack to this Melancholy Universe BLACK VOLITION.

BLACK VOLITION is a musical project from Reza Udhin from Inertia / Killing Joke, creating the first album “Sea of Velvet Rays” together with Guitarist Will Crewdson from Rachel Stamp / Adam Ant / Flesh For Lulu.

The current line up is Reza together with Ollie Cater (Inertia), Spike T Smith (ex The Damned, ex Morrissey, Conflict), Gary Day (ex Morrissey), and Bob Malkowski (Inertia, The Modern).

Think Dirgy Blues, Dark Cabaret, Twisted Electronics, Dusty Jazz, Spaghetti Westerns and a sorrowful song and you are on track to creating the sound of BLACK VOLITION in your imagination.

Black Volition have grown very rapidly in the UK since their inception in 2014 and have attracted a very healthy widespread audience. A new release is due for Summer 2017.

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