The band surrounded in mystery and discordian chaos.
NotKLF are well NotKLF ! They are The Justified Ancient Pirates of Mu Mu

When Naughty met Summoned, Summoned met Naughty. Summoned said lets form a band Naughty said a Goth band, Summoned said “Fuck off Goth’s Dead” Naughty Said ” your point being ?” Summoned said lets form a Punk band, Naughty Said “Fuck off Punks Dead”
So Naughty and Summoned sat and thought and then they looked at each other and said to each other ” lets do a punk / goth / hippy / rave / rap / metal / pop band ” and they grinned at each other and nodded but then Eris appeared and said ” Boys for fuck sake your #NotKLF !”

So not so long ago in time when things were united our two heroes Billy Naughty and Jim Summoned sat down and formed a band it was #NotKLF but we will get back to that.
Naughty said “We need to decide what the band going to be about Jim?” to which Summoned Said “It has to be about Everything and Nothing it will be a tribute to the greatest rock and fucking roll band that ever was!”
“What the Walking Pebbles ?” replied Naughty
“Fuck off !” Retorted Summoned
“The Weavils?” Naughty asked
“Fuck sake think ahead a bit !” Said Summoned
” Ah that fucking bitpop band Smudge or do you mean Reverb and the Froggymen ? ”
“No ! The Killing Lams Frequency! for fuck sake have you not heard their saying ? ”
“Never heard of them and what saying is that then ? ” Naughty was looking confused at this point
“Fucking ell it’s a good job we’re #NotKLF then “

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