Tuesday Club

This Ain’t Entertainment…It’s Rock N’ Roll

The Tuesday Club are a 4 piece band beamed to earth between 1967 and 1979 with record collections to match. They perform hi-Ocatane live shows and have just released EP4 of a 4 ep set, that makes up their second album. They have recently supported Danny Goffey’s new band Vangoffey, Toyah and Scant Regard.

The best way to sum them us up is this quote: If Roxy Music were doing the Rocky Horror show, they’d sound like this – Steve Honest

But has also been described as ‘the Sex Pistols set to music’, ‘Roxy Music meets The Rocky Horror Show’ and ‘that one sounds a bit like The Birthday Party’. The band says this is their favourite band yet and no, they don’t intend to stop for anything.

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