What Is Alice’s Wicked Tea Party ?

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What is Alice’s Wicked Tea Party ?

In May 2015 something wicked and wonderful began to descend in the deep dark Dorset countryside where a weird, wild and an exotic mix of bands came together to create a tribal gathering of alternative genres. From Post-Punk to Techno-Punk, Electronica to Industrial (EBM/Rock/Experimental), Edgy Rock N’ Roll to Garage Rock, Goth to Art Rock, Psych to Alt Rock, though we will book any band that is offering something fresh, bands that stand out amongst their peers.
We aim to sort the gems from the rocks and give you something special with a high class line-up, after all the Queen of Hearts wouldn’t except anything less and with Alice in her Party Dress you can be assured there will be no bland mainstream pop on the table.
Poisoned Electrik Head

Poisoned Electrik Head

Held in the grounds of the award winning pub The Cross Keys Inn, a rural setting that is easily accessible being 20 minutes from Poole or Bournemouth and only 10 minutes outside of Wimborne. The venue boasts two large field’s, one for camping and one for the arena. The onsite pub offers great food and drinks a beer garden and outside catering all this makes up for a great relaxed family festival with a difference.
Alice’s Wicked Tea Party (AWTP) is a new grassroots festival, built from the ground up there are no investors and no sponsors involved to minimise financial risk as we have seen in recent years the stories about larger festivals folding. All bands on our bills have kindly pledge their support to make this Tea Party a growing success and we would like to request for your support by booking tickets early.
Setting up AWTP for the first year didn’t come without its ups and down during its setup and planning it was a heady ride and a rollercoaster of emotions. The first ten months on the journey down the rabbit hole was a smooth journey until the council decided to pull the licence with just over a month to go before Showtime! Naturally with everything already to go this sent us all running around and doing our best not to lose our heads but we were determined not to let the Queen of hearts have her way and we persisted against all odds to find a new venue and procure a new licence. After two weeks of searching The Cross Key’s Inn came forward and gave us sanctuary offering us the use of their land and a licence secured. When it comes to music we don’t give in easily!

Gallery 2015

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