Bornless Fire Interview for Wicked Spins Radio

Bornless Fire Interview for Wicked Spins Radio

By Phlis (Alteria Anarchy)


WSR – Kristof the early Dawn Of Ashes had an industrial feel, what areas does Bornless Fire explore that you didn’t explore with Dawn Of Ashes?

Bornless Fire –  With this new project, I am now messing with various styles of Industrial music and not sticking to the same sound. Early DOA was strictly in that Terror-EBM box which isn’t a bad thing but I feel with my capabilities now, that I have the option to explore different avenues.

WSR – How does the music of Bornless Fire reflect to the Divine Spark?

Bornless Fire – My whole purpose in life now, and my work in the Left-Hand Path is to communicate with my own Divine Spark. Music is one of the most powerful forms of Magick and has a strong reaction to this spark.  The ability to connect with this powerful energy and to be able to share it with others is a gift in itself.

WSR – Every human has the potential to become their own God and have communication with this power, do you feel that we can control this power and can it be channeled to be used for things like creativity?

Bornless Fire – Every single human being has the potential to reach that level and to experience their own Magick capabilities. My job isn’t to solve people’s defects but to help those with tools and to help them to believe in their own power. Unfortunately, our society has been damned and forced into mental slavery which makes a lot of people stuck in their stagnant patterns.

WSR – Just what were the demands from fans that were so that you decided to create Bornless Fire Kristof?

Bornless Fire – For years, I have heard the many voices calling out, demanding to hear me do Industrial / Dark-Electro again. I was so completely over it and felt that the Industrial / Dark-Electro scene was dead and nothing really fresh and new was coming out. I have always been a Metal guy and I made DOA into what I always wanted it to become. However, on this last DOA tour, I started to listen to Industrial bands that I used to love and honestly kind of missed making that type of music. Realizing that the era(s) of Industrial music that I love is pretty much dead. I made the conscious decision to create something new and to resurrect the sound of that era with this new project. With no arrogance in this statement, but I am good at making this type of music so why the fuck not. Now I have the chance to do it even better than I did in the past.

WSR – And what specifically attracted you to the industrial style of the late 90’s and early 2000’s?

Bornless Fire – It was dark, dirty, heavy, and pissed off. Everything that I like about aggressive music. It’s what I love about Metal and it’s what I loved about Industrial. It needs to happen again. Young kids need to hear it.

WSR – Just how will you bring that amazing era of industrial to the modern day?

Bornless Fire – Guess everyone will have to wait and see. Fans miss the old era of DOA and they are going to get it but nastier and heavier.  I miss that era of Industrial and I’m seeing some bands bringing it back like Youth Code and 3Teeth. Suicide Commando and Hocico are still kicking ass but there need’s to be more bands added to that army.

WSR – Any project you are in focuses on The Left Hand Path Kristof, I know this is something that fascinates you and is also something that is very personal to you.  Is there something that you would like to teach the world or inspire in people with your music?

Bornless Fire – Again, to reach the level to be their own God and to believe in their own power. To learn how to destroy all acts of slavery.

WSR – How does your view of the world change when you find your own path?

Bornless Fire – It becomes your own world and no one can damage that world because it yours. Every human goes on their own path and discovers their own powers. It’s a beautiful thing:

WSR – What excites you most Kristof regarding being back in the industrial genre again?

Bornless Fire – It becomes darker and angrier. The fans that miss old DOA get their fix and I get the freedom start where I left off after “The Crypt Injection” and make it better.

WSR – If you could choose one of the great industrial bands of the early to mid 90’s to collaborate with, who would you choose and why?

Bornless Fire – Hocico, because they have never made a bad album and they are just are a flawless group. To be honest, they are the main reason for me doing this again.

WSR – You already have some remixes in the pipeline I see from Suicide Commando and Freakangel, when is the first single from Bornless Fire due to be released?

Bornless Fire – Towards the release date on Metropolis Records which is set to be released early 2018.

WSR – Thank you so much for giving Wicked Spins Radio this interview, is there anything you would like to add?

Bornless Fire – Thank you the fans for always believing in me. You are the reason why I keep going. Cheers.


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