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Hailing from the land down DARKC3LL are one of the brightest and darkest industrial rock bands to gain notoriety on today’s music scene as well as with people like Wednesday 13 and many a great touring partner too.  They have just released their new album Dark Verses, Wicked Spins Radio caught up with frontman Jesse Dracman

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WSR – Thank you so much for giving Wicked Spins Radio this interview, can you tell our readers a little bit about yourselves?

DARKC3LL – Our pleasure. Jesse Dracman (vocals) here. We are DARKC3LL. We are loud and hard to ignore. Our sound, our darkness is infectious and addictive, all while giving you the listener a hell of an experience. We don’t like to be categorised, but for the sake of a better understanding to the new and curious, we’ve been described as powerhouse Industrial Rock from the land Down Under. Be curious and listen folks. Amongst our awesome fans include Z Marr (Combichrist), Wednesday 13 and Chela from Coal Chamber.

WSR – You are about to release Dark Verses onto the world, what is it about Dark Verses that sets it apart from all the current music on the scene?

DARKC3LL – We have not set out to “reinvent the wheel”, nor promise the most kickass album of whatever. Dark Verses is the album we have longed to create and promise an album that’s all killer, no filler. There is an energy and excitement here that will appeal to many all while pumping your horns in the air and sticking a middle finger to a hypocritical society.

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WSR – How long did it take to give Dark Verses life from start of writing to mastering of the album?

DARKC3LL – We pretty much started recording straight after touring with Wednesday 13 last year in October and wrapped up earlier this year. We follow the DIY policy and Post Mortem Matt and myself once again recorded at home base in RTD Studios, fuelled by Jack Daniels and inspired by our many heroes with special mention to Yngwie Malmsteen live videos. Those fly kicks….

Post Mortem Matt is a god of the studio, once again engineer, producer, mixer, composer, and masterer. And he plays a mean guitar! I wrote and co-produced and drove him insane. It’s brotherly love.

WSR – Do you have any funny or odd stories regarding the creation of Dark Verses, did anything out of the ordinary happen?

DARKC3LL – Besides excessive flatulence, the studio boss (the pet bulldog, Gibson) farting or the entertaining silly words one can produce in the studio, my amazing air drumming or Post Mortem’s rare funnies? No, not a lot to report there.

WSR – On some of your t-shirts you use images of Satan and also words regarding Satan, what is your reasoning behind this?

DARKC3LL – It’s an age-old visual form of rebellion and you have to admit, way cooler than pictures of angels or flower power happy go horse shit. We love horror & gore, and all grew up with many of our heroes utilising similar rebellious imagery which always looked cool. We just put our spin on it and keep the vibe alive. Kids dig it!

WSR – Jay has just recently joined you, how is he settling in?

DARKC3LL – Like a glove. It’s like he’s been with us all along and we’d have it no other way. He’s such a great character and has worked very hard to earn his stripes in the band. We feel a real sense of balance now with Jay in the band and he’s a showman like the rest of us which is fun to watch.

WSR – Your video for Exorcist is doing rather well, how do you feel about that?

DARKC3LL – I’m so proud of this clip. We teamed up with the very talented Dan Jensen of Darklight Studios once again,  (he directed our Hate Anthem clip) who only too well understands our creative vision and helped us shoot a hell of a clip. The reaction has been awesome and we love the final product.

WSR – What have you found is the best way to promote yourselves so far?

DARKC3LL – Our fans. Without them, we’d be lost. Their enthusiasm and energy is amazing! Our connection to them and everyone on social media is greatly important to us. We always talk to our fans and their promotion of our name is fantastic! The Army of Darkn3ss street team do an awesome job, and the numbers are growing. Together, we #spreadthedarkn3ss

WSR – What are your influences not musically but lyrically?

DARKC3LL – Good question. I love rhythm and groove, so I’ve always had a penchant to craft lyrics that flow and strike with hooks. It’s a vital component in any band to write great songs. Band’s sometimes forget that. Lyrically, I draw from within. Sometimes, I feel possessed.

WSR – Has there ever been a time when you could just give up on music and if so what was the reason you continued?

DARKC3LL – Never! It’s our passion and motivation in life. I feel very fortunate to be in a band that truly allows me to express myself with no reservations.

WSR – If you could learn to play any instrument what instrument would you like to play?

Darc3ll – I’d love to have more skill on the keyboards and programming in general, but the ukulele holds a great appeal. Lol.

WSR – Over the last few decades what one event do you feel has changed the world?

DARKC3LL – Social Media. The invention of the Internet. In some ways, we have gained, and devolved as a society. What a wonderful world.

WSR – Thank you for giving Wicked Spins Radio this interview, is there anything you would like to add?

DARKC3LL – Thank you to everyone who supports DARKC3LL. We hope you all enjoy Dark Verses, as much as we enjoyed making it. Thanks for the chat! Let’s do it again sometime.





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