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After a break up of the original band Electro_Nomicon have fought back, come back from the brink and released their latest album Unleashing The Shadows on to the world gaining amazing reviews from all over the world.  Wicked Spins Radio got chance to catch up with Electro_Nomincon’s drummer Owen Bryan.


WSR – Thank you very much for giving Wicked Spins Radio this interview, can you tell our readers a little bit about yourselves?

E_N – My name is Owen Bryant,I play drums for the band Electro_Nomicon. I love many genres of music and think the world should visit Poulsbo WA-USA and take a tour of VALHOLL BREWING. I love visiting jungles and surviving in the wilderness without the help of other men. A great escape for me.

WSR – Unleashing The Shadows has just been released onto the world to what has been some amazing reviews. But the original Electro_Nomicon split, how does this new album encapsulate Electro_Nomicons new members?

E_N – Is that a real word. Hahaha. Hang on a minute while I google the definition of encapsulate. OK, I’m back. The lyrics, the music, and the cover art captures the individual characteristics of the band members. I think music is a true reflection of who we are as people. The lyrics really speak from the heart of the band and I think the entire world will relate to this record.


WSR – Has your music overall changed from the original Electro_Nomicon and what has been your driving force to keep going?

E_N – Yes, it has changed a lot. Kind of like night changes to day. We sound %100 different. The early days had more of an electronic feel to it and a lot more straight forward approach. Now we are more musical and the songs are more complex as well as a much stronger focus on the writing procedure. Our driving force is the passion to create art with brothers that have the same goals,visions and dreams. Its something that’s in your blood. It’s either running thru your veins or it’s not. I think every member of E_N bleeds music.

WSR – Electro_Nomicon is more like a musical family as you all get on so well, what are the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of relationship within the band?

E_N – The advantages are the simple things in life like love,respect,bonding etc. We also get to travel and enjoy different cultures as well as meet a lot of new people. There are no disadvantages other than we would like to see each other more often . We have a plan to resolve that issue too. Another simple solution. More traveling. HAHAHA.


WSR – There is some distance between where band members live, does this effect the band in any way

E_N – Well, like I mentioned in the last question. We would like to see each other more often. The distance has a zero negativity factor. It seems to actually drive us and make us stronger. We have an advantage when we are together because we do not waste a minute of our time. It is all productive and fun. We accomplish a lot in a short time and it has to do with the distance. Everybody is pro and everybody does their homework. So when it comes down to business we just steam roll forward.

WSR – To start off with Electro_Nomicon was a shock rock band wearing makeup when you performed live, at what point was the decision made to drop that image and become the Electro_Nomicon we know and love today?

E_N – Well, we only performed one show at The Rocklahoma Festival in 2009 and it was a fun time. Sharing the venue with some of the biggest names in the business was very gratifying and opened a lot of doors for E_N. We recorded a few videos as well and had a lot of fun but that line up just wasn’t meant to be. When the old guys decided to quit the band (at a very crucial time) I was kind of left in a bind but still had a strong desire to pursue my dream. Diego had already been my friend for about 2 ½ years at this point and we wanted to work together. So we continued as E_N and JJ jumped on board right away. We started writing music and discussed the image. As a team we came to a quick agreement and dropped the face paint and moved forward. And there you have it. Electro_Nomicon is Re-Born in early Nov-2010.


WSR – With the majority of Electro_Nomicon hailing from Argentina, does any part of the Argentinian culture or way of life manifest itself in the music of Electro_Nomicon at all?

E_N – I think the Argentinian work ethic has really made us strong. The Argentinian musical work culture is very focused on perfection. They are very driven when it comes to their music and other arts. My parents raised me with a “work hard,never give up” mentality and the combination has worked out great for E_N. So, yes, the culture has definitely help mold our music.

WSR – Electro_Nomicon have a beer in their honour do they not? So what is this beer and how did it come about?

E_N -Yes, The Electro_Nomibrew/Valkyrie Red is the bands official beer. Our sponsors (VALHOLL BREWING) created this amazing beer and after tasting it I knew this needed to have the E_N brand on it. It’s one of those things that just happened,no real answer. HAHAHA.

WSR – Owen, I believe Sara your wife has pie making skills second to none. You are two of the nicest people I have had the pleasure of knowing and are the best couple going. When did you first meet Sara and when did you know that you had found your soulmate?

E_N – I met Sara in August of 2003 in Tampa Florida. We connected immediately. She became my best friend within weeks and we both knew something special was there. We hung out daily for two years and one day I asked her to go on a real date with me. I took her to an Alice Cooper show and about a week later I knew she was the one. I asked her to marry me and here we are. She does make good pies and I love pie. I think she is the greatest person on the planet. She puts up with me after all.lol


WSR – Who has been your biggest influence in life itself?

E_N – Three people. My parents and Sara.

WSR – Have you ever had a dream come true, if you have what was it? But if your dream haven’t come true what dream do you wish would come true?

E_N – Yes, the new E_N album was one of my dreams that came true along with signing to a genuine kick butt record label. There are many more too. I have many more dreams and one of them is to play in Japan and also Wackenfest. Also performing in the UK would fulfill one of my fantasies. Outside of music I have many other dreams ,but none that would interest your readers. One of them is to take a boat down the Amazon and not in the rainy season and live off of the river and land. No luxuries. I like adventure and a lot of outdoor adventure. I’m kind of like Indiana Jones or Crocodile Dundee when it comes to doing fun ,adventurous things. I also would like another home in Costa Rica. These two things are high on my list and I believe they will both happen sooner or later. I dream that Diego would be my neighbor in Poulsbo USA too or maybe I will just get a second home/Apt in Buenos Aires.

WSR – Thanks so much for giving Wicked Spins Radio this interview, is there anything you would like to add?

E_N – YES! We are very happy to announce that DIEGO RODRIGUEZ is the new and official Bass player for E_N. We have a new video coming out in Nov and he is featured in it. On behalf of E_N, I say Thank you and thank you to all your readers. Peace, O

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