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Frozen Nation


Moss, D&D and the bit human Elvis make up Belgium’s newest dark disco act Frozen Nation.  In this exclusive interview tell Wicked Spins Radio how they saved Elvis from a French fool, the highlights of the wonderful multicultural Brussels and just how they played an entire gig with only 2 songs.  Read on and find out more about the immense Frozen Nation.

WSR – Thank you for this interview and welcome to Wicked Spins Radio, can you tell our readers a little bit about yourselves?

Frozen Nation – Hi we are a brand-new band composed of Moss (lead vocal), D&D (synthesizers, drum beats, programming, guitars) and Elvis.

WSR – You met around ‘Elvis’, can you please tell us more about Elvis?

Frozen Nation – Elvis is a unique modular synthesizer created in the the 70s especially for Jethro Tull, the electronic artist Brendan Pollard used to call it “The Beast”. We bought it from a fool in France and restored it completely, he’s a bit human, he’s got his own personality, sometimes it sounds amazingly great, sometimes it sounds like shit, but we love it!


WSR – So Les Marolles, can you tell us about the history?

Frozen Nation – It is the origin of Brussels. It has always been a cultural mix. People there have a strong personality, they never give up when it comes to their rights to live as they want to. They have their own way of living, they also created their own language which is a mix of Flemish, French, Spanish, Yiddish and Arabic. There used to be a Jewish area until WW2. Moss’ grandfather used to tell him he was selling fish carps to them.

WSR – Les Marolles seems to be very multicultural, to me there are so many advantages of living and working in our multicultural society and so many things to discover like food and drink.  What do you like about our multicultural society?
Frozen Nation – We think that the most beautiful expression of multiculturalism is Europe with high points such as London, and also Brussels in the centre of Europe. For example in our studio (Spector Studios) in St Gilles/Brussels capital of Europe, we can see Trash Metal polish bands meeting Argentinian rock artists around a tandoori sandwich with Belgian French fries and beer!

WSR – So how did you fill out your first show with only having 2 songs and what was the experience like?Frozen Nation – Too short for us but not for the audience. No, seriously it motivated us to create many other songs quickly.

WSR – How is the EP coming along?Frozen Nation – Single after single, we hope we can provide an EP before summer and an LP in September.

WSR – How do you personally define Dark Belgian Disco?Frozen Nation – Serious, enjoyable, dance floor music, made in Belgium just like the New-Beat. Moss writes dark lyrics, D&D make electronic disco beats and bass.


WSR – What are your musical backgrounds?
Frozen Nation – Moss has been a singer with several bands, D&D produce and record electronic music.

WSR – With you being a very young band how are you getting your music out to the world?
Frozen Nation – Thanks to you. Web-radios, radios, blogs are very important for us. Darkwave and Goth communities are part of a very open-minded movement, and we trust them to spread the good word. Our label Sub-Continental also have a digital distribution agreement with The Orchard, a big distributor.

WSR – To you what is the best thing about Belgium?
Frozen Nation – People in Belgium really have the culture of partying, they are creative with a sense of freedom. But the best thing is the local scene : Absolute Body Control, Front 242, The Neon Judgement, Suicide Commando…

WSR – What song would provide the theme tune to your life and why?
Frozen Nation – Blue Monday – New Order. The first crossover between post-punk Joy Division and Detroit Techno Music. Quincy Jones defined it as “The best white dance hit ever!

WSR – I personally love everything about Europe, there are many places of magic.  Of all the places in Europe which holds magic for you?
Frozen Nation – Berlin, definitely. It’s like New York in the 70s, very creative and energetic.

WSR – What film has made you laugh the most?
Frozen Nation – Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.

WSR – At what point did you realise there was musical magic between the two of you?
Frozen Nation – The first time Moss arrived on time at the studio was fucking magic !

WSR – Thank you so much for giving Wicked Spins Radio this interview, is there anything you would like to add?
Frozen Nation – Thanks to you, we really enjoy your programs and especially your play lists it’s a great honor to be part of them, keep up the great job and don’t forget, this is Dark Belgian Disco!

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