Interested in Hosting your own show and DJing for WSR !! Then Read on

Wicked Spins Radio are looking for DJ’s !!

Working to be a global music station we are current’y seeking DJ Presenters.
We are an independant run radio station and our DJ’s are  all voluntary and spinning the sounds for their passion of music.

If you feel you fit the following then get in touch

Are you talkative do you have a clear radio friendly  voice and able to engage listeners ?
Are you passionate about music and have a large collections of artists ?
Do you like to discover new artists ?
Would you like to host and present your own show ?

Please note we are a  live broadcasting station and looking preferably for weekly shows but will consider Monthly !

We are a radio station dedicated to all forms of Alternative Music new and old sounds.

Rock – Punk  – Psych – Stoner Rock/metal – Goth / Deathrock – Indie – Electronica -Industrial Rock/Metal – Ska – Dub –
New Wave – Garage rock – reggae 
If you feel we have missed a genre out that you can offer us let us know.

If your interested get a short podcast together with some tunes and a bit of your chatter and send us a link for us to listen.

Share this invite if you know someone that would be intrested even if your not !

Thanks for reading and we look forward to hearing from you

Wicked Spins Radio

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  1. fastrube says:

    Awesome opportunity, I have listened tunes from Ride’s LEAVE THEM ALL BEHIND to Portishead to Koop to Massive Attack to Trentmømoller to Cure to Lower Dens to Embers to St. Germain and more.
    Thanks for playing!


  2. JameS RugeR says:

    JameS RugeR here…I’m interested in getting my Show, RugeR RadiO on WSR. Here is my mp3 from last week’s broadcast.
    (RugeR RadiO, features the Best Original Rock the World has to offer!!) #All New unsigned Bands#
    Broadcasting Live every Wednesday night on WGFR 92.7FM in NY. USA
    Hope to hear from you guys…:)

    JameS RugeR
    RugeR RadiO

  3. A. Jude says:

    I would love to do a show for you. I am based in Los Angeles. It would be an electro rock grimy glam.. is a link to my radio show from moheak, LA

  4. Sixgun says:

    Hi there, Im a musidian sound engineer and dj in London, and I would love love love to do a show for you… have a listen to this podcast and let me know what you think x

  5. DocDaWhoo says:

    I am currently running an online podcast called “The Infinity Corner” which does alot of world Hip Hop as well as soul and Reggae/Ska/Dub. I am interested in becoming part of your network as i also have a collection of Hooro Hip Hop, Thrash metal, Punk/ and Horror Pop. Here is a link to a podcast i did about 20 days ago on

    I hope you enjoy it. and thank you for listening

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