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Nick Juggernaut Services Interview


Juggernaut Services promotes some of the finest industrial and EBM bands from all over the world.  The alternative scene is making a big come back and especially the electronica scene.  Wicked Spins Radio got chance to catch up with Nick Quarm, the main man behind Juggernaut Services and here is how it went.


WSR – Thanks so much for giving Wicked Spins Radio this interview, can you tell our readers a little but about yourself?


Nick – Hello Phlis – Thank you for giving me a platform. Since 2003 I have been heavily involved with the Industrial and Alternative Press, working with both Heathen Harvest and Judas Kiss magazines before becoming the co-editor of Brutal Resonance from 2010 to current day. I’ve built up a serious directory of contacts, and wanted to use it to give bands a fighting chance.


WSR – Juggernaut specialises on promoting EBM/Industrial bands, why did you choose just to promote these types of bands?


Nick –  It’s where my strengths and interests are. Theoretically I could promote House and Chipset, but I don’t know any of the media, labels, or other outlets. Why do a half assed job?


WSR – Juggernaut has recently moved into being a record label too, why did you decide to make that move?


Nick –  Three reasons.  Despite the elevated increase in publicity for the old JS artists, a lot of the media still saw them as “unsigned for a reason”, and this stigma sadly meant that some bands were just ignored – interestingly said bands got huge increases in publicity once they moved over to “Media”, even though only the title changed, in the short term.


Secondly, the idea of taking a payment from artists to promote them was necessary to allow me to run this as a full-time career, but grabbing money to help artists was never something I fully agreed with, so the opportunity to do this in a more ‘ethical’ was taken rather keenly.

Thirdly, there was a confusion between my role as promoter/manager and any third party interests from labels – to the point where some bands were getting turned down by labels who didn’t feel right about the whole system – as JS was well known and we were in a place where people were happy to write about us, it seemed like the logical approach to turn the programme into a fully fledged label.


WSR – What bands have been attracted to you as a record label so far and how is that side of the business going so far?


Nick –  I can’t talk about bands who are interested, as it could hinder their chances with other labels (I’ve turned a few down because they are REALLY good, and I personally believe they’d be better off with a more major name – one thing I don’t do is gimp artists).


As a label, JMG is doing well. JUG001 “Foundations” is down to the final 50 copies out of 200, and “Into Exile” has already made back its investment. IIOIOIOII is somewhat of a great find, as the internet seems to universally have embraced it.


WSR – As a record label how do you choose the bands to appear on your label?


Nick –  I have to keep this silent, respectfully. I Have an unorthodox approach which has clearly worked so far.


WSR – What is it that you offer that sets you apart from other labels?


Nick –  I think it’s the love for the scene and all of its faces. As you’ve seen already, I don’t sign just 1 or 2 styles of band – I sign the stuff that’s got real talent and is a little overlooked. A lot of of the stuff I do is unique – our customers get a LOT of perks, every purchase is like a mini Kickstarter.


WSR – Why did you choose to call your company Juggernaut?


Nick –  It reflects my workload and passion – endless and almost unstoppable.


WSR – Juggernaut has just released two compilation albums, how do these albums differ musically?


Nick –  They’re broken down typically by style and BPM to make them both fluidic and listener/DJ friendly. Disc 1 is calmer, more synthpop/darkwave influenced, and Disc 2 covers Noise, Aggrotech and Industrial Metal.


WSR – Of the bands that appear on the two albums are there any that are close to your heart musically?


Nick – I don’t want to pick favourites, but I have however become very enamoured with acts on the roster that I’d never have listened to before, as the style wasn’t my usual cup of tea. I often purchase the CDs my guys put out and veto my free copy to support them, so I have to say really I adore all of the material.


WSR – Apart from being the man behind Juggernaut is there anything else you do musically?


Nick –  Sadly I don’t have a lot of musical ability. I provided the lyrics for Kontaminant  / Cortex Defect (Earlier stuff), and I co-wrote the latest A7IE album “Tabula Rasa” with Gyom -“Rain” and “End of A Lifetime” were lyrics that we wrote together.


WSR – As a promoter where and who do you promote to?


Nick –  I can’t really reveal my sources as there’s numerous other firms out there doing what I do, but worldwide isn’t an exaggeration.


WSR – Can you describe a typical day in the life of a promoter?


Nick –  It really varies. Some days are quiet, some days I wake up to about 50 emails asking for contacts in (insert town here) for bookings. I often get reviews and interview requests sent across which I forward on and plug. Generally a lot of my time is spent supporting the artists with more menial things – I’m fortunate to have met and forged a close relationship with most of my artists, and we act as friends more than associates – which I believe helps to separate us from the atypical company.


WSR – What are your current thoughts on the current alternative scene?


Nick – I feel it’s actually in the best place it’s been in for a while, in terms of talent. The issue is that all we see is negativity, as the majority of the new era don’t get promoted or pushed out there. That’s a main reason for our existence.


WSR – What one thing do you think need to happen with the current scene for it to survive?


Nick – I don’t think it can be pigeonholed to a single thing, sadly. I think short of a re-structure, there’s not much can be done. It needs each and every passionate person to make a big difference and not shout from the side-lines. There’s a few wonderful labels out there, but I’m not prepared to slander anything in particular. Enough of that out there.


WSR – What music are you currently listening to?


Nick – Citizen 16 – “Construct”. This album should take off.


WSR – What is the best band you have ever seen live?


Nick – Terrolokaust and Cease2xist blew me away, although there’s about 30 that could make this list.


WSR – What is your favourite film?


Nick – Christ, there’s a question. I like High Fantasy / Gore / Horror /  Film Noir / Pixar (What a combination!) I’d have to refuse to pinpoint a single film – although I do adore Sweeney Todd.


WSR – Star Wars or Star Trek?


Nick –  Neither. Sorry. Star Wars if pushed.


WSR – If you won the lottery what is the first thing you would do?


Nick – Ensure my kids and fiancé have a secure future, give my family a small share, then push Juggernaut into a serious machine for touring and releasing CDs!


WSR – Thank you for giving Wicked Spins Radio this interview, is there anything you would like to add?


Nick – Please check us out at You’d be surprised what we can do.


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