PUNISH YOURSELF – Spin The Pig – Album Review

PUNISH YOURSELF – Spin The Pig – Album Review
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Label:- Verycords
Style:- Goth / Electro / Industrial
Release Date:- Oct 13, 2017
Reviewed by – Claudia Black ( Cimmerian Music Blog )

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An abrasive but is easily digestible Industrial metal band from France that produces some trance-like headbanging tunes that do not end up falling into that loop of overdone to the point boredom!! The tracks I find are refreshing to the point!! less is more in regards to the music and the topping that completes the whole neon-fluorescent stage attire!!

They remind me of Young Gods/Alien Sex Fiend in vocal delivery and Ministry in riffing. But whereas with Ministry the overall feel of the sound is dirty and oily this comes across as highly polished with bittersweet overtones!! Obviously, that’s my perception, you, of course, are free to have a different one!! ”Lo Cust” sounds like it would not be out-of-place on Ministry’s Psalm 69 whilst the interestingly titled ”Die S I Ray” and BlackSunWhiteBones” are pure speed n roll!! I’ve played these tracks umpteen times and they are better than coffee!! Title track ”Spin The Pig” builds up slowly with echoing voices and creepy sinister vocalisations and then gets going with a hard-driving bass that drives its point home!!! ”There’s no end to this” is like the musical equivalent of banging your knuckles on a drain cover until they bleed, it also sounds like Killing Joke from the Millennium period,  no bad thing because I like that album!

This is a very good listen and it’s one of those albums that gets better with each listen. But I suspect  there will be a limit to this ”better” so before I tire of a good thing this current listen through will be the last one of the night


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