Ten Cent Toys Interview for Wicked Spins Radio

Ten Cent Toys Interview

by Phlis – Alteria Anarchy 


I started writing when I was 29, interviewing heavy and death metal bands.  I did it for a few months and then went on a hiatus.  Then six years ago the rookie started again, but this time I wouldn’t stop writing.  Yes I would have the odd week or month off, but everyone is entitled to a rest are they not?  When I came back the first band I interviewed was one by the name of Ten Cent Toys, over the years I have interviewed them a couple of times since but Ten Cent Toys are about to evolve a little.  I have had the pleasure of hearing some of their new stuff and its a beating heart that is Ten Cent Toys but things have changed a little.  So let’s take a trip down memory lane but also find out what’s new with Ten Cent Toys as I speak with  David Zawacki.

WSR – I interviewed you 6 years ago, so in 6 words only tell us what you have been up to for the last 6 years.

Ten Cent Toys – Six years in only six words? I couldn’t even describe my last bowel movement in only six words. Damn Phill, glad the intro question allowed me to say bowel movement for the endearing fans to read so they know that I am obviously a professional and serious kind of shit talker… I mean guy. Laughs manically

WSR – Ten Cent Toys has been through a few ups and downs since we first spoke, can you tell us more about them please?

Ten Cent Toys – We have been through a lot over the years, started as just myself who ended up getting forming an idea of wiggling my bottom on stage with several people. Gained four of the best musicians I could find but rather used them as they made better friends than musicians. Still exceptional musicians but comparibly, they friendship is the reason I have fought to keep them in my life. We had to part ways and take a hiatus. Katt, the beautiful and brilliant female vocalist who replaced my ugly mug, ended up getting married to her husband Charlie, who she met on tour with the band and ended up having a child together. Ben, the brilliant mastermind and talent that made us the band we are now, stepped down from music and followed his heart in a new venture of life with his life partner. Kyle, the wonderful and brightest spirit of the band got a new house with his wife Taylor and got the magical happily ever after he rightfully deserved. I couldn’t be happier to bare their names on my flesh until my death. Leaving Travis and myself to wallow in the pursuit of better career opportunities. After attempting to form a new band and changing what we were we just stepped down for a while. Having that consistent itch to perform, to do what we do best. Like the boondocks saints who got their names dragged through the mud. We came back, hungry and angry to not hold back. I gave up writing music as it became frustrating and lifeless to me, I kept hearing the same song in my head and didn’t want to keep putting out the same shit. Travis, my first true student, the boy who showed up and auditioned having never played a keyboard before decided that it was his time to shine and he not only shined, he blinded the world. I was ready to quit until my student became a master of his craft. I got a motivation again and took a leap of faith.

WSR – Your latest sound is a bit more aggressive then before, why the change in direction from a sound that was extremely sensual?

Ten Cent Toys – Travis is a brooding and mean dude in general, he’s actually one of the coolest and most reasonable people I know. While others see him as just this angry person, he is happier than I have seen in in the six years we’ve been doing this. We stopped thinking of dancing and started stomping. Started being less concerned with making people happy or having sex, instead we wanted to be the band that inspired chaos instead. We wanted a change of everything, a rebirth of what we are.

WSR – David why pick the ringtone you have on your phone and why hasn’t it changed in 3 years?

Ten Cent Toys – Laughs hysterically Foreigner’s Cold As Ice is awesome. I have always loved that song. I admired the vocal harmonies so much and it’s just a good motivation song. Makes me answer my phone faster to be perfectly honest.

WSR – On the 29th July 2016 you said that was it for Ten Cent Toys, it was over.  So why did you decide to keep going even after you said it was over?  Why can’t Ten Cent Toys die?

Ten Cent Toys – Travis. He and I are best friends so we hang out all of the time. We are always in communications with each other. He and I are always hanging out together. He and I would talk about everything and we both were drinking fireball when we both sighed in a moment of silence… Looking at gear just sitting there in my room. Looked at each other and had a very real moment. I asked him, “You miss it?”..”Yeah, you?”…”Yeah, I miss everything about it.”  He decided to start working on new music and brought me back to making Ten Cent Toys the monster it should have always been.

WSR – When he had no friends, Tom was always there for you, but in the MySpace days he was everybody’s friend.  So why did Tom mean so much to you?

Ten Cent Toys – I loved MySpace, Facebook bores the crap out of me. There is no creativity with Facebook. MySpace had a personality back in the day. The only way to be creative is to be a better performer than the cat videos on Facebook now. So I figure video projectors with cat videos might be our next route. Disappointed laugh into a sigh of disbelief (Worst part about reading these is that it’s kinda narrated by Deadpool and David genuinely does laugh and display all of the sad and pathetic emotions while talking or even typing. It really explains the mask gimmick now.)

WSR – How will Rebirth be such an important milestone for you as a band?

Ten Cent Toys – It’s a change, a major change for us. We became limited, be got backed into a corner. We became underdogs. We burnt out and through our ashes we wanted to come back in a fire that they started, and no one would save us, be we were already dead. Now we spark a brand new light. We are angry, we are done playing the dress up and be proper band. Fuck that, I’m going to tell dick jokes on stage now, I have no censor, and now, I’m the voice.

WSR – Now as you know I like Dr. Seuss, but you David have been described as the Industrial EBM Dr. Seuss.  So who was it to call you that and how do you feel about that accolade?

Ten Cent Toys – I wear it like a badge of fucking armor. The person who said it knows who he is and I don’t try to exploit anyone or any former bands of mine. But the band was hot topic, the band.

WSR – David your mask that you have recently started to wear, tell us more about it please.

Ten Cent Toys – I’m Batman? Laughs outright in a quite office making things awkward The mask idea was something Travis and myself always wanted to pursue. We have always liked the idea of being unique. I am incredibly creative and get bored easily. So having a physical means to express artwork makes me personally happy. I love art in almost every means and pursue all of the artistic creative means I can.

WSR – How has the line-up for members of Ten Cent Toys changed over the last few years and what effect has this had on your sound?

Ten Cent Toys – Ten Cent Toys hasn’t had many changes oddly enough. The former members are actually still our closest friend and we do talk normally. No bad blood or I’ll will at all, which in this industry is unheard of.

WSR – Six years ago when I asked you where you saw yourself in 5 years you said maybe playing stages in Europe, did you ever achieve that?  What are your are your goals now and how have they changed from 6 years ago?

Ten Cent Toys – We hit many speed bumps on that journey. We would love to tour and perform at least around the country. We are much smarter now. We have learned so much in these past six years. We want to see the next five years as potential in all the right places, and we love it

WSR – What is the biggest sacrifice you have made for your music?

Ten Cent Toys – I’ve lost so much, personally, financially, physically, and emotionally. Music is a very costly venture. It will take everything until you have nothing left. We have learned so much and will be stepping in the direction that people never saw coming.

WSR – Thank you for giving Wicked Spins Radio this interview, any final thoughts?

Ten Cent Toys – I’m sure I could quote some biblical shit or spout out a bunch of thank yous and malarkey but that’s not me. I think you are awesome Phill and people like you keep fu Kershaw like me in check, entertained, and motivated. Tons of people know who I am, but now I feel like people will get a better understanding of who we are. Welcome to our rebirth, we are Ten Cent Toys. Get used to saying our names, we love being in your mouths. (Irony at it’s finest right here? Even my commentary is laughing at this dumb shit.)




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