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Tunnelmental – Waiting Here For You Review

Reviewed by  Phlis

Being a Yorkshire man I like tea and I must admit the same can be said for TEA as in Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly, they always create music that is not the norm but yet amazing.  It’s the kind of music that appeals to people with different tastes in music too.  I got my hands on their latest offering Waiting Here For You, so what did I think?  Did I like it like I like their previous albums?  Read on and you shall see.
You are initially greeted by The Zone which starts with the usual funkiness you will be used to if you know of TEA.  Nice solid beat and Nigel’s vocals fit perfectly in with the simplistic but yet full beats and music.  The lyrics and vocals are poetic are flowing
Awake Me comes second on the menu, it starts slow and slightly builds.  You get a play of melodies here.  It builds up and down beat wise here, throughout the track is the same play you heard of melodies.  This track is relaxing yet in some ways it’s trying to awaken you😃
Barely Holding On is third on the list, it tells the story of someone who has no fight left in them.  Within subdued beats you get an explosion into the cries of this person, here again, Nigel narrates the story with perfection.
No Solider comes next, it’s a mismatch of all that is TEA but yet it’s perfect.  I love the way they manage to muddle a track together which is yet all planned, this all fits nicely into the perfect madness that is TEA.  It’s intelligent, mixed and completely danceable.
Light And Shade (Get It) starts of catchy and then kicks into a real good toe tapper.  For this one I am not going to comment on vocals though they are good I would rather say that this track makes you want to dance, any song that makes you want to dance is amazing.
The Mighty Oak is the middle point of this very addictive album.  As with all other tracks on this album its rhythmical, melodious and imaginative.  But yet so minimal and all-powerful.  Again Nigel’s vocals are perfect and the words are poetically blending.
Next, we are greeted with Smash The Cage, again this is a very catchy track.  This time vocals are subdued with again simple but striking and adequate lyrics.  Euphorically it builds into another dancy track which its mood builds and drops.
Lies starts with haunting feminine vocals which continue all the way through, the vocal harmonies are then cleverly used in with the music to create another TEA classic.
Trust Fall starts slowly in somewhat typical TEA style, it’s melancholic and emphatic.  It’s a story of loss and wants in many ways.  It has a lovely compelling beat which again builds you up in beat and feeling as it reaches the middle of the track.
Waiting For Closure is another moody track that shapes its physique into another toe tapper.  So far this album has been a dancy and emotional ride with very clever lyrics delivered in a way that Nigel can deliver them.
A Spider starts with children singing Little Miss Muffet the nursery rhyme.  There are some lovely scratch noises in this track, again the beats and vocals match each other and play with each other into yet another enjoyable track.
Rise Up Now signals the end of this amazing album and what an end to the album Rise Up Now is.  It’s a memorable track that is again a body mover.  It’s the kind of album that you would love to see go to number one if the masses appreciated its genius.  An ace line here ‘cause everything sucks’ but it definitely doesn’t on this album.
All in all, I find Waiting Here For You a great album, you find a lot of stuff that has TEA written all over it.  It’s a mixture of emotions which is delivered in a perfect way.  It has some very poppy elements in it which I feel will appeal to a wide audience.  Great album by all.

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