We Have A Ghost Interview

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We Have A Ghost Interview


From A Haunted House somewhere unknown in the US comes an anonymous man with music at his heart.  We Have A Ghost has really made an impact on the music scene with his dark atmospheric music.  Debut was released on line to the world’s audience on Halloween 2011.  This Halloween 2012 see’s debut get physical form and hits the world again.  Through secret channels I was able to have a brief chat with We Have A Ghost for Wicked Spins Radio and here is how it went.


WSR – Thank you so much for giving Wicked Spins Radio this interview Ghost, without giving too much away can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself?

Ghost –  I am a multimedia artist. I make electronic music.  I have what I consider a modest, loyal cult following, spread out over 74 countries, gained by word of mouth and leveraging social media.  I keep my name and location secret for artistic purposes.  I am always working. Or thinking.  I come from a background in visual art where it’s always been about the work, not the artist.  Vastly different from the music industry in that regard. It’s all very strange. I am trying to bridge the gap in my own way.

WSR – Where does the inspiration come from for your dark haunting music?

Ghost – I am a haunted individual, and I know there are others like me. I choose to work through my own demons by helping others with their own, through art and music. I am inspired by those who have gone before me, essentially ghosts now. A haunting consists of many things and I am exploring all meanings and interpretations of it via physical release of ‘debut’, and the follow-up album ‘Ghost Hunter.’ What it means to me, and what it means to my fans.

WSR – Why did you choose to call yourself We Have A Ghost?

Ghost – I was searching for a name or a phrase that could encompass everything I do, and why. Something ultimately others would get behind once they understood what it meant. I realized I was haunted by the notion I was capable of doing more with my life. WE HAVE A GHOST represents anything haunting you. I believe it’s a universal truth – we are all haunted by something.

WSR – Can you describe the house in which you write and create your music?

Ghost – I currently operate in a small converted apartment, which is a small room once part of an old mansion. It looks like a set from the Addams Family, but it’s real.  I think something happened in this room. There’s a ghost, a little girl (as I’ve been told), who hangs out in the foyer. Although I personally have not seen her / it, I’ve felt a presence, on more than a few occasions, causing me to stop what I’m doing and look over – always to the same spot.

WSR – When in life did you decide to start to make music?

Ghost – I’ve always wanted to, I just never had the means until technology caught up to me. The more technology advanced, the more I was able to accomplish.

WSR – What are your musical influences?

Ghost – Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, Trentemøller, Thom Yorke, Massive Attack, Spiritualized.

I connect with elements of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Mike Patton related projects (Fantômas), Boards Of Canada, Aphex Twin, Air, Björk, ISIS, Ministry, Mogwai, Max Richter, Hans Zimmer, Sigur Rós, The Moscow Coup Attempt, among others. Cinematic music with feeling.

WSR – What would be the ultimate place that you would have your music played?

Ghost – The ears of your readers, if it resonates, their friends. If the opportunity came for my music to be used for movies or video games, I would consider it. I believe the music is suited for it. I’d like to hear Computerrok, The Secret or (thematically appropriate) To Begin Again blasted in Times Square on New Years. I experienced that once (minus the music.) Maybe someone reading this will load my album on their phone and take over the PA system when the ball drops. It would set a tone for the New Year.

WSR – How do you manage to keep your anonymity when playing live?

Ghost – That is what I am figuring out right now.  The Tupac holograph sparked my interest (laughs) I envision it to be a combination of being in uniform (my jacket needs internal upgrades), sparse dramatic lighting + fog. Possibly behind a screen of projected imagery. I’m experimenting with glow in the dark face-paint.  I would like to incorporate certain traditions from the Ghost Festivals – like reserving the front row for ancestors and the audiences departed loved ones.  Stay tuned…

WSR – Are you a gamer and if so have you drawn any influence from a game?

Ghost – I bought a PS3 a few years ago. I like Red Dead Redemption and I especially enjoy Heavy Rain. Immersive, cinematic, and moving. I haven’t played since I started actively pursuing / promoting this. I feel guilty every second I’m not working on this in some way.

WSR – With your anonymity in some ways you have kind of a superhero lure, who is your favourite superhero or super villain?

Ghost – Christopher Nolan’s vision of Batman. I like the idea of becoming an idea or a symbol – instead of an individual. I like that it could be anyone behind the mask. I connect with the notion you are defined by what you do.

WSR – What is next on the cards for you?

Ghost – I have a lot of paintings to do.  Here’s the 1st one in progress. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtFikQcJC0&feature=share&list=PL0F96551AE7C250EF



The official follow-up to the debut album ‘Ghost Hunter’ which builds on the themes I’m immersed in now. Inspired by real ghost stories / hauntings submitted by fans – set to cinematic electronic music + live instrumentation. Beat driven, much like Computerrok and The Secret, but more extreme and emotionally charged. A further exploration of my voice in the studio and further evolution of fan involvement / interaction / participation.  Mixed with sounds and samples taken during my own paranormal investigations and from others. Making music with ghost hunting equipment.

Goggle hoodies of my own….

If enough people are interested, I’ll consider another crowd funding campaign. They simply must exist.  In addition, two albums waiting to be mastered and available for stream / pre-order:

‘Safe’ – a collection of my favourite songs that didn’t make it on the debut album, + remixes by Sintellect, Ventenner, and Fear of The Dark, and ‘Insomnia’, a collection of soundscapes created over a 7 year period, while suffering from insomnia. What I listen to – to help me sleep at night. There’s a backstory on that but I’ll save it for another time.


A covers album, a remix album… and ‘The End’ – my take on the legendary Doors song … http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ym2jnEZf97E&feature=plcp  I’ve been busy.


WSR – What acts on the current music scene catch your ear and what is it about them you like?

Ghost – Flying Lotus – I’ve always respected his artistic integrity.  He’s deep into his own realm. It’s experimental, fluid, graceful – yet tight at the same time. He’s his own genre. Hauntingly beautiful: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-pVHC1DXQ7U

Live: Amon Tobin – ISAM Live 2.0 – groundbreaking next level visuals. I think it’s always a challenge for solo electronic artists to create something truly worth witnessing in person. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=009tRMrLv4s

Looking forward to How To Destroy Angels live, especially now that Rob Sheridan is formally part of the ‘collective.’  It’s a subtle, yet important distinction. It represents progress in giving visual artists the recognition they deserve. The visual element is essentially the identity of a band and is arguably just as important.

Supposedly Aphex Twin has a new record in the works, looking forward to that.

WSR – If you could change one thing about the world what would it be?

Ghost – Only one? On a global level, I’d like to see a world without money. More on that here:



WSR – Thank you so much for giving Wicked Spins Radio this interview Ghost, is there anything you would like to add?

Ghost – I appreciate your time, WSR. I have a question for you and your readers:

What haunts you?

Email me at ghost@wehaveaghost.com or record your response and upload it to my dropbox on soundcloud.


It may show up in Ghost Hunter…


Thanks again and we all look forward to Halloween


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