Wicked Spins Radio – Adam Probert – The Battle For Tomorrow Review

Adam Probert –The Battle For Tomorrow  Review

Reviewed by – Phlis (Alteria Anarchy)

The album starts with The Light That Burns My Eyes, the easiest way to sum this up is a poetic chant and the back sounds like the engine noises from the TARDIST. Secondly is I Am War, this album is turning out to be poetic anger with a tint of punk.  The backdrop is not necessary music but it provides the soundtrack needed for Adam to get across what he wants to.  War is the backdrop to this and you can hear it in every essence.
Take Your Fucking Medicine again the background to this track is not musical in a way you would expect, again its verse with samples and sounds to accompany the feeling of the track.
The Mob (Ft Katy Watkiss) adds an additional element to Adam’s music, Katy adds an additional resonance to this composition.  Again the story tells of the woes of this world, the sorrow just builds and builds until the tracks final conclusion.
Osama Obama is again about war and the evils of the world.  There is a lot of hell-bent aggression here, this is like Shakespeare on a psychotic rant.
What You Have To Hide (Feat Mark Perryman) I wish was something a little different, this album is good but I must say it would be nice if Adam could stray away from one way of delivering his poetic genius that he obviously has.  This track is very much similar to what has gone on before on this album.
Justice again delivers much and such the same as before, the words have a lot of meaning but I had hoped Adam could vary his delivery of his oh so powerful prose.
Monotony has some very clever rhymes but again there is no differential here in the delivery, the words are ingenious but the conveyance is a carbon-copy of the rest of the album.
Population Control leaves you wishing there was music behind the words, the message is so powerful and I think Adam is trying too hard to be unique but I’m sorry it doesn’t seem to work for the good.
The Flying Dutchman has to be my favourite track on the album so far as the music has a bit more substance.  Adam is an amazing lyricist with powerful vocals and to me, the perfect delivery comes here.
Famine is a fitting end to this punk poetic soundscape you hear on the entirety of the album.
I must admit this album is a conceptual piece of art that has a lot of powerful messages inside, I cannot deny it may not be my cup of tea but I can see it on its strengths and merits.  Art speaks to people in many different ways, though I may not personally like the way in which it is delivered there are a lot of you out there that will.  If you like punk and something that will challenge your beliefs in the state of the world then this is an album for you, it will take you on a journey to the underbelly of corruption and all the badness of this world.  One thing you cannot deny whether you like this album or not is that the message and words delivered here are potent and clever.

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