Rude Mechanicals

Rude Mechanicals are a Pan-dimensional Creature manifesting itself in your reality as an Absurd Rock/Jazz/Punk Band consisting of Miss Roberts and her symbiotic slaves.

The mysterious and ethereal Miss Roberts along with her Rude Mechanicals is a whirlwind of strange songs, sounds and looks. Miss Roberts is the leader and her flamboyant persona has become the look of the band. She has put together an act that combines surreal stories, poetry and songs.

The Art-rock inspired Rude Mechanicals has been compared to The Tiigerlillies, early Roxy Music, Tom Waits, Captain Beefheart, and Can. They’ve been described as Post-Punk, Prog and Dark Cabaret – altogether creating a music that can best be described as “wild, wicked weirdness… a little bit Flying Lizards, a little bit Native Hipsters and a great deal like nothing you’ve heard before…” (Tom Robinson BBC6).

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