JOHN 5 Live Review – The Garage, Highbury Corner, London.

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JOHN 5 Live Review October 11 2016
Venue:- The Garage, Highbury Corner, London.

Reviewed by Claudia Black  – Cimmerian Music Blog


Copyright – Claudia Black

”Mesmerising guitar riffery a la Satriani/Malmsteen/Vai/Friedman, a zombie not restricted by one particular genre or style! A journey through the streets of blues, jazz funk, metal, country/hill billy!! The finger speed was sublime and you know what? No vocals were needed for this at all, it would have ruined the vibe!!
John 5 is a guitarist not a vocalist so why water down what you are good at??? Usually photographers get 3 songs with no flash, we were allowed flash and for the whole set! If I had known that i’d have taken my flash!! At times I forgot why I was there, to take photos of course, I just stared at the fingers, see those fingers go……….. Anyway I shook myself out of my trance and got on with my job! This was a show enjoyed by band and fans alike, John threw plectrum’s into the crowd and offered his telecaster to the crowd a few times, they gratefully touched the sacred object which sent invigorated spasms down their collective spines!! I read somewhere that the axes on show tonight were of a limited selection, the rest being in Berlin with Rob Zombie awaiting attentions for his tour, what would we have been party to if this collection had been brought here?? Who knows, next time eh?? The man himself finishes the show with a medley of riffs from well-known tunes before departing the stage to gracious applause!!! A good night had by all methinks!!”

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