Ruby Throat Interview

Ruby Throat Interview

 “A minute piece of chewing gum keeps the singing bits soft and lubricated.  I have to admit I have become rather fixated on the chewing gum; it’s part of the ritual.”

Ruby Throat are an amazing folk-noir band hailing from the UK.  They feature the amazing vocal talent of Katie Jane Garside (Ex Daisy Chainsaw and Queen Adreena).  We got chance to catch up with Katie and here is how it went.

WSR– Can you tell us a little bit of a background about yourself and where in this beautiful world you are from?

RT – Water, I come from water, as a child my family and I sailed the great oceans of the world. Christopher decided on the islands of Hawaii as his place to be born, we converged finally.  Eventually and with great relief on the London Underground, c was busking and I was loosing my mind.


WSR– So what brought Christopher to London?

RT – The weather

WSR– What was it that drew you to Christopher and made you want to create music with him?

RT – That day I prayed with the most clear intent that I had in me.  C’s music came to me down the tunnels, across the universe, everything shifted.  There and then, I found I was suddenly able to tie my own shoelaces.

WSR– At what point in your life did you decide to form your band and why?

RT – I have always been sustained and ‘made well’ by the wonder and exquisite detail found in white noise, wind, water, air conditioning units, tube trains, a tiny vast unlimited music, sensuality in the detail and a hunger for utter ‘presence’ that music insists on. I am just about conscious therefore I have the compulsion to leave a mark on a cave wall.


WSR– And what do you feel is the mark you will leave on the wall of the cave?

RT – Thankfully my solipsism abates, perhaps something continues in the form of a child.

WSR– Why did you decide on the name of Ruby Throat?

RT – A hummingbird spoke to me.

WSR– Who besides yourself is in the band and what background are they from?

RT – C is from poetry and deduction.

WSR– And what musical life have you had so far?

RT – My baby sings before she can talk, music is the original language.

WSR– How does Christopher’s poetry and deduction manifest itself in your music?

RT – He is a lightening rod and a sometime editor.

WSR– What are your musical influences?

RT – The devastating and magical experience of opening my eyes.

WSR– Do your dreams ever provide you any influence for your music?

RT – Loosening of tethers afforded on waking is where I like to work from.

WSR– How would you describe the music you make?

RT – I choose not to reflect, keep on cutting the threads as I go (before they make a rope with which to hang), the self consciousness of self analysis in my experience is a willful opting for calipers.

WSR– What feeling would you hope people feel when they listen to your music?

RT – I don’t hope for that

WSR– Is there any music about that really stirs good emotion within you?

RT – The elements are my preferred listening, sinking into the minutia

WSR– Where do you see your band in five years and what are your hopes for the future?

RT – Our sailboat ‘Iona’ is about to go back in the water, future Ruby Throat dispatches will be posted from somewhere in the south pacific.

WSR– What is it about the South Pacific that draws you there?

RT – I think it’s probably more about the journey rather than the…..

WSR– Is there any place or venue you would like to play at and why?

RT – It ain’t where you are, it’s where you’re at or ‘not at’ to be more accurate.

WSR– Do you like to play to big or small audiences?

RT – Closer to the mirror the better for me.

WSR– Describe your ultimate gig?

RT – One where the music sings me.

WSR– What place in this world would you like to play your music?

RT – A place where the past makes no claim on me.

WSR– If you could take your music to any period in history to which time period would you take it?

RT – I insist on the everlasting present.

WSR– Without giving too much away is there any instrument or program you wouldn’t be without and why?

RT – A minute piece of chewing gum keeps the singing bits soft and lubricated.  I have to admit I have become rather fixated on the chewing gum; it’s part of the ritual.

WSR– Do you have any particular way that you warm up before getting on stage to play your music?

RT – I growl and I pray and I growl.

WSR– If you could serenade anyone in the world with your music, who would you serenade?

RT – I lullabye my little girl, her return serve is heart shattering.

WSR– Thanks so much for giving Wicked Spins Radio this interview, is there anything you would like to add?

RT – Thank you

Thanks again, good luck for the future


You can see Ruby Throat on YouTube here

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