Moira Scar – Scarred for Life – Album Review

Band   — Moira Scar
Album — Scarred for Life

In the beginning there was The Floating Corpses comprising of Roxy Monoxide and Lu Lu Gamma Ray and various RSPT042_front_coverdrummer’s filled in for different periods and recordings. After putting the band to ground one night TFC mutated in its slumber to give us the exotic ghouls now known as Moira Scar, joined by Ryan Bonus Beast.

Moira Scar do not think outside the box when it comes to writing music they run the box through an industrial shredder leaving them a blank canvas to create their dark and haunting music.
Moira Scar reside everywhere and somewhere they  are truly out there!

Following on from –  Excerpts From The Holy Scumbrella – the Scars debut album and – Slink To Intensity – their second album

Scarred for Life, is Moira Scar’s third album that brings  a colourful and

roxy B&Wsinister sound with imagery  and masks to compliment providing  a full and intense experience.

From the opening track, a psychedelic stomp via the gritty bass of De Monster/A-Tiff and the jazzy punk of Miss Funktion, we are informed from the start that Moira Scar do not do conventional whilst the aptly titled Space Time Resonators gives us Moira Scar taking it up a notch to give us a psych rock blasting with all the hhallmarks of a gothic space opera.

The title track Scarred for Life, starts with a haunting beat leading us along death march till midway the Scars flip the sound to a twisted rock out leading us on to the fun and haunting sound of Telepathos.
is like Nirvana for freaks, a heady mix of psych punk grunge and then we get thrown to Organ Grinder, where the sound of the sax battles with thumping drums before we led into a dark mantra designed to raise the ghouls from the crypts. Reveal continues with the mantra theme but lighter with a soothing atmospheric touch.feb 11th stork 06

Moira Scar, leave us with Taratula Tangoid, which doesn’t so much feel as it’s the end of the album but more that this track is leading you back in, in to a dark, strange land of a disturbing parade, where clowns peer from the shadows and sideshow attractions are ready to snatch you into a fun thrilled carnival of the macabre.

Throughout the album the trio repeatedly swap rolls and instruments, Lu Lu’s operatic vocals at times hints of Siouxsie Sioux and Danielle Dax where Roxy’s at times leans to voice of Nina Hagen.
Like Throbbing Gristle – Alien Sex Fiend – The Residents and other bands before them that dared to break the rules for an original sound, Moira Scar are not the easiest band to listen to at first but given the chance their music quickly infects you like healthy bacteria.

Don’t be scared for life but get Scarred for Life! Be brave and take a trip into the dark to discover the wonderful and exotic world that is Moira Scar.

Reviewed by Snuff Monkey
Photo’s supplied by Moira Scar

The album is available on vinyl and digital  download at Resipisent

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  1. ZZ Tom says:

    Great review, Snuff! I enjoy hearing them on the Snuff Monkey Show.

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    Great review, Snuff! I enjoy hearing them on the Snuff Monkey Show.

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